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MAY 2013

Jurisdictions have recently collected information from one another on a variety of topics related to driver testing, including the use of electronic skills testing and knowledge test best practices. Here are the responses to a few of the questions asked.Access the online survey tool to search by survey title and view all of the information that was shared.

Electronic Non-CDL Skills Testing

Is your jurisdiction using electronic devices to conduct skills testing for non-CDL driver’s and/or motorcycle examinations? Of the 27 respondents:

In development or under consideration–3

Electronic CDL Skills Testing

Does your jurisdiction use electronic CDL skills testing? Of the 26 respondents:

Under development–6%

Non-commercial Knowledge Test Best Practices

How many questions are on the written knowledge test? Of 23 respondents:

18 questions–1 jurisdiction
20 questions–4 jurisdictions
25 questions–7 jurisdictions
30 questions–4 jurisdictions
35 questions–3 jurisdictions
40 questions–2 jurisdictions
50 questions–2 jurisdictions

If an applicant fails the test, how long must he or she wait before he or she is allowed to retake the test?

No waiting period, can try again the same day–4 jurisdictions
At least one day–13 jurisdictions
3 to 14 days–6 jurisdictions