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August 2013

The risk of identity theft and fraud are higher than ever before. The DMV community works diligently to prevent and detect fraud through many methods. Here are some statistics and information that provide a snapshot of this complex challenge.

Identity Theft, Generally Speaking

The Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book for 2012 provides information on all types of fraud and identity theft. The table below shows the increase over the last 11 years.

The DMV Community – Detection and Investigation of External Fraud

The AAMVA jurisdictions conducted a survey in 2012 on the topic of external fraud and investigation. Here are some highlights from that survey.

What types of external fraud do you find on a regular basis?

  • Multiple identity fraud to avoid driving and maintenance enforcement suspensions
  • Identity theft to gain service from various government agencies/medical coverage, avoidance of debt, passport and immigration fraud, avoidance of court or superintendent imposed suspensions, underage alcohol purchase
  • Document fraud (i.e. altering or fabricating documents to claim prior driving experience in other jurisdictions, forged reciprocal licenses, etc.)
  • Driver examiner fraud and driving school training fraud
  • Residency fraud
  • Assistance with auto theft files (re-vinning)
  • Odometer rollbacks
  • Ticket payment using a stolen credit card
  • Counterfeit international driver permit/licenses
  • Auto dealer tax and title fraud
  • Altered title and title washing
  • And more



What types of technological tools does your agency use to prevent and/or detect fraud? What other methods does your agency use?

  • Facial recognition
  • Document scanners
  • Bar code scanners
  • Video spectral comparator and microscope
  • Security cameras
  • SSOLV—Social Security Online Verification
  • NMVTIS—National Vehicle Title Information System
  • GDR—Genuine Document Reference
  • VLS—Verification of Lawful Status
  • Digital Image Exchange
  • CDLIS—Commercial Driver’s License Information System
  • PDPS—Problem Driver Pointer System
  • Fraud Detection & Remediation Training
  • NADA Title & Registration Guide
  • And more


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Working on Important Issues

AAMVA has many working groups that focus on issues of concern for the DMV community and produce best practices and other resources. Current working groups include the External Fraud, eID, and many others. Learn more about AAMVA’s Working Groups