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One of the challenges with the registration and titling of vehicles is the variety in vehicle types. Here are results from a few surveys and resources that provide comparative information and best practices.

Registration Requirements for Prototype Vehicles

Does your jurisdiction register prototype vehicles (i.e., vehicles used for exhibition, testing, media evaluation, etc.)?

Of the 32 jurisdictions that responded:

9 – Yes

21 – No

1 – Considering doing this in the future

Low-Speed Vehicles

Do you require any additional equipment or safety features on low-speed vehicles?

Of the 42 jurisdictions that responded:

13 – Yes

23 – No

6 – Cannot be registered in our jurisdiction

Converted Electric Vehicle

Do you allow a vehicle registered in your jurisdiction to have a fuel conversion from

gas to electric?

Of the 37 jurisdictions that responded:

35 – Yes

2 – No

All of the questions and details for each of these surveys can be found in the survey tool on the AAMVA website