August 2014


Organizations face the continuing challenge of balancing how they provide excellent customer service with budgetary constraints, customer preferences regarding delivery methods and providing special services. Jurisdictions have implemented a variety of services including self-service kiosks, online services and scheduling systems. Here are the results of some recent surveys regarding customer service.

Topic: Online Scheduling System

Does your state have an online multi-scheduling system?

(30 respondents)

Yes: 18

No: 8

We are planning to do this in the future: 4

What features are included?

(30 respondents)

Auto road test scheduling: 17

MC/moped road test scheduling: 15

CDL road test scheduling: 7

Driver re-exam/conference scheduling: 9

Specialty inspection scheduling: 2

Topic: Promoting Driver License Self-Service Kiosks

Does your jurisdiction offer self-service kiosks?

(45 respondents)

Yes: 9

No: 30

We are planning to do this in the future: 6

What does your jurisdiction use to help promote the kiosk?

(45 respondents)

Social media: 4

Press releases: 3

Radio/television: 2

Website: 6

Displays/materials at DMV offices: 9

Topic: Auditory Version – Motor Vehicle Rules Handbook

Has your jurisdiction created an audio version of the handbook/manual of motor vehicle laws used to study for the driver license test?

(32 respondents)

Yes: 10

No: 22

Topic: Emergency Contact Registry

Does your jurisdiction currently have a Next of Kin or Emergency Contact Information Registry?

(38 respondents)

Yes: 12

No: 23

We are considering doing this in the future: 3

All of the questions and details for each of these surveys can be found in the survey tool on the AAMVA website.