November 2014


Over the last few months, jurisdictions have completed several surveys related to license plates. Here are a few statistics that may be of interest.

Survey Topic: Special Interest License Plates

(37 respondents)

Does your jurisdiction issue special interest license plates?

Yes: 35 jurisdictions

No: 0 

How many special interest plate programs does your jurisdiction support?

1–40: 20 jurisdictions

41–80: 4 jurisdictions

81–120: 6 jurisdictions

121+: 5 jurisdictions

Are you aware of any law enforcement concerns with the identification of certain plates issued by your jurisdiction?

Yes: 6 jurisdictions

No: 27 jurisdictions

Does your jurisdiction authorize the use of full plate graphics?

Yes: 16 jurisdictions

No: 17 jurisdictions

Does your jurisdiction authorize the use of background color only (without graphics)?

Yes: 13 jurisdictions

No: 19 jurisdictions


Survey Topic: Military Special Plates

(31 respondents)

How many military special plates do you issue annually? (Special plates are for military decorations & participation in certain military campaigns)

1–5,000: 16 jurisdictions

5,001–30,000: 9 jurisdictions

Over 30,000: 4 jurisdictions

Of the military special plates issued, what percentage of your total plate issuance volume is this?

Under 1 percent: 14 jurisdictions

1 to 5 percent: 7 jurisdictions

5 to 9 percent: 6 jurisdictions