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February 2015


Fraud is an important topic in the motor vehicle community. Here are the results of some recent surveys the jurisdictions have done on issues related to fraud. The full details of each of these surveys can be viewed in the AAMVA online survey tool.

Vehicle Title and Licensing Fraud [26 respondents]

Dashboard 1Does your jurisdiction have a vehicle fraud training program in place for its vehicle and vessel licensing offices?

Yes: 15

No: 11



Dashboard 2Does your jurisdiction have state-owned and operated offices, independent privately-owned offices, or both?

State-owned and operated: 6

Independent privately-owned: 2

Both: 17



Fraudulent Document Training [33 respondents]

Dashboard 3Does your department provide fraudulent document training?

Yes: 30

No: 3



Dashboard 4Are employees required to take fraudulent document training?

Yes: 29

No: 4


ID Card Fraud [25 respondents]

Dashboard 5Does your fraud investigative unit have criminal justice authority?

Yes: 13

No:  12



Dashboard 6Are ID card and driver’s license fraud handled the same way?

Yes: 23

No: 2



Dashboard 7Does your state suspend, cancel, deny or revoke for ID card fraud?

Yes: 17

No: 6



Dashboard 8Does your state impose a financial penalty for ID card fraud?

Yes: 12

No: 11