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May 2015


Many jurisdictions have begun to see transportation network companies, such as Uber and Lyft, operating in their areas of authority. Two recent surveys shed some light on what is happening throughout the jurisdictions. The full details of each survey can be viewed in the AAMVA online survey tool.

Ride-Share Programs [25 respondents]

Do you have regulatory authority over "ride-share" services provided by companies such as Uber and Lyft?

Yes: 5

No: 20 

Who is responsible for the oversight?

Municipality or county where the vehicle is operating: 2
Taxi Commission: 2
Local Government: 5
DMV is responsible for insurance and vehicle registration, but municipalities may also regulate taxis: 1
Public Service/Utility Commission: 3
Passenger Transportation Board: 1
DMV: 1
No response: 10

Branding Ride-Share Vehicles as Taxicabs [27 respondents]

Does your jurisdiction brand the title of ride-share or "network" vehicles as taxicabs?

Yes: 1

No: 26

252  259