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August 2015

Improving highway safety is a top priority for the DMV community. In recent months, there have been several surveys conducted by the jurisdictions related to the topic of driver safety. Here are two of the most recent examples. The full details of each survey can be viewed in the AAMVA online survey tool.

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Survey Topic: Driver Safety

32 respondents

Does your state require distracted driving issues to be tested as part of the state driver’s license examination?

Yes: 14

No: 18

Does your state currently distribute any of the following educational materials to parents on components of the state’s graduated driver licensing program?

Brochures: 19

Handbooks: 22

DVD or other video: 3

Flyer: 6

Other: 11 (including websites, parent/teen guide, student driver decals, parent supervised driving programs and more)

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Survey Topic: Driving School Instructors

33 Respondents

Does your jurisdiction license driving instructors?

Yes: 26

No: 7

Do you have defined criteria for denying an application based on current driving record?

Yes: 27

No: 3

No response: 3

How many years back do you look when assessing a driving record?

1 to 2 years: 3 jurisdictions

3 to 4 years: 9 jurisdictions

5 years: 5 jurisdictions

10 years: 5 jurisdictions