December 2015

There have been several surveys related to the issuance of driver’s licenses and identification cards. Here are a few of the most recent examples. The full details of each survey can be viewed in the AAMVA online survey tool.

Survey Topic: Driver’s License or ID Card Interim Documents

37 respondents

Does your jurisdiction use a central issue facility to issue driver’s licenses and identification cards?

Yes: 31

No: 6

If your jurisdiction uses a central issue facility, does your jurisdiction issue a secure interim (temporary) paper document

Yes: 16

No: 15

N/A: 6

Does TSA accept your interim (temporary) paper document to board commercial aircraft?

Yes: 16

N/A: 21

Survey Topic: REAL ID and Photo First

34 Respondents

Is your jurisdiction REAL ID compliant?

Yes: 12

No: 19

Extension: 3

Do you have a photo-first process in place for DL/ID card applications? If yes, do you keep the photo on file even if a document is not issued?

Yes (both): 18

No: 15

Yes to photo-first, but we do not retain the photo if a DL/ID is not issued: 1

Survey Topic: DL/ID: Suppressing Data, Implementing Digital

27 Respondents

Is your jurisdiction discussing the concept of suppressing any data on your driver’s licenses/ID cards (i.e. address information)?

Yes: 1

No: 26

Is your jurisdiction actively planning for a mobile driver’s license/ID option for implementation within the next five years?

Yes: 7

No: 20