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December 2016

When MOVE magazine was first published in 1996, the whole internet thing was new to everyone, including motor vehicle administrations. Here’s a look at how the World Wide Web and online services have revolutionized the way AAMVA members conduct business and interact with customers. The full details of these surveys can be viewed in the AAMVA online survey tool.

Survey Topic: Website history

24 respondents

What online services do you currently provide?

Driver’s license renewal: 16

ID card renewal: 13

Driver’s license replacement: 13

ID card replacement: 12

Driver record: 17

Practice knowledge test: 12

Driver’s license reinstatement: 9

Change of address: 20

Appointments for road tests: 11

Vehicle record: 11

Vehicle registration renewal: 20

Duplicate registration or title: 12

Order special interest or personalized license plates: 13

Sign up to receive renewal reminders: 11

Register to vote: 10

Dealer licensing: 7

Organ donor registry: 14


What year did your agency create your very first website?

1994–1999: 15

2000–2003: 7

Unknown: 2


What year did you start providing online services?

1995–1999: 5

2000–2006: 16

2007–2013: 3