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august 2012

Customer service and DMV operations go hand in hand.

Providing excellent customer service is an important part of any type of service center and DMVs are no different. The many elements of customer service include defining superior customer service, obtaining customer feedback, compiling statistics/evaluation, and identifying ways to improve performance. There have been several surveys conducted by the jurisdictions in the past several months related to this topic. Here are some highlights.

Survey One: Customer Satisfaction Surveys

This is how the numbers look for the eighteen jurisdictions that responded:

  1. Do you conduct customer satisfaction surveys? Yes: 14, No: 4
  2. Mode of service delivery for which surveys are conducted:
    • Counter Visits 12
    • Customer Call Center 7
    • Web-based services 9
    • Automated answering service 1
  3. What surveys tools are used for data collection?
    • Online 10
    • Cards 7
    • Emails 3
    • Phone 3
    • Mail with postage paid return envelope 2

Survey Two: Customer Service Focus Groups

When asked if they conduct focus groups, this is how 21 jurisdictions responded:

  • Yes 4
  • No 15
  • Not in several years 2

Survey Three: Electronic Media in Customer Communications

  1. Do you use e-mail to communicate with your customers?
    • Yes 11
    • No 10
  2. Do you use texting to communicate with customers?
    • Yes 1
    • No 20

The details related to these surveys can be found at: Simply search by survey title.