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December 2012

Congratulations to the following AIC Award Winners who were recognized this past August in Charlotte.




Mike Robertson and Brian Ursino present the 2012 Martha Irwin Award for Lifetime Achievement in Highway Safety to Washington State Patrol Chief John Batiste.

At our 2012 Annual International Conference, AAMVA presented Washington State Patrol (WSP) Chief John R. Batiste with the Martha Irwin Award for Lifetime Achievement in Highway Safety. Chief Batiste’s dedication to advancing public safety and highway safety initiatives in Washington has been the cornerstone of a distinguished career. Batiste embraced Washington State’s Strategic Highway Safety PlanTarget Zero, which focused on gradually decreasing deaths and serious injuries until they are eliminated by 2030. He implemented plans to support this strategy, focusing on data-driven decisions and solutions to decrease highway fatalities and injuries. Batiste was also a key figure in passing a number of legislative initiatives related to highway safety, including promoting pedestrian and bicycle safety, enhancing the use of ignition locks and requiring the collection of distracted driver collision data. Under Batiste’s tenure as chief, the number of deaths related to highway accidents has decreased to the lowest rate Washington has seen in 60 years. Congratulations, Chief Batiste!



Excellence in Customer Service



Mike Robertson congratulates the Virginia DMV on their 2012 Customer Service Award. Left to right: Pam Goheen, Rick Holcomb, Mike Robertson, Robert Irving, Dave Burhop and Karen Grim.

Congratulations to this year’s Customer Service Excellence award winners:


Nancy Myers, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Anne Yanofsky, Arizona Department of Trasnportation

Richard Holcomb, Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles


Delaware DMV, Next of Kin Registry

Georgia DDS Knowledge Testing System Project Team

Arizona DOT MVD Electronic Data Services Team


Delaware DMV Veteran ID Card Issuance Program

Virginia DMV “DMV2Go”

Indiana BMV Visit Improvement Program