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February 2013

How Have Flood Damaged Cars affected your jurisdiction?

Firoz Mohamed
Director, Motor Vehicle Registries Service, Alberta

“To address the potential for flood damaged vehicles finding their way to unsuspecting Albertans, we deployed some consumer education/awareness information that speaks specifically to this issue. As well, the information speaks to a ‘buyer beware approach’ while providing related links for additional consumer information and tips on how to prevent getting stuck with a flood damaged vehicle.”

Scott Clapper
Chief of Vehicle Services, Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles

“NMVTIS has been a very useful tool to ensure title brands such as flood damage remain with the vehicle. All out of state vehicles, regardless if they are branded or not, are run through NMVTIS to make sure that somewhere in the vehicle’s past a brand has not been overlooked. It is another valuable layer in consumer protection.”

Lori Bowman
Vehicle Programs Manager, Oregon DMV

“Oregon has not been significantly impacted by flood damaged cars in the past or affected by a major storm. We have not adopted any policies or procedures based on these storms, but have provided information on our website for customers that had a vehicle affected by the storm or are considering purchase of a used vehicle. Links have been to states impacted by storms and to NICB who maintained a list of storm damaged vehicles in the past.”

Harold Blaney
Responsable Concertation hors-Quebec, Societé de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec

“Hurricane Katrina was the trigger. Following that event, a list of flooded vehicles was created for use by all jurisdictions, and thanks to this list we were able to prohibit the reconstruction of the flooded vehicles. Later, the province of Québec was hit by a flood in the Gaspésie area in December 2010 and in the Lake Champlain/Richelieu River area in the spring of 2011. More recently, Sandy damaged hundreds of thousands of vehicles very near to us. These events have led us to review our regulations. We are currently working on measures to better control flooded vehicles. We wish to improve the rules for the importation of such vehicles and provide better guidance to Québec insurers who deal with these. In short, we wish to adopt measures to prohibit the use of such vehicles in the province of Québec.”