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February 2013

3M and the Georgia Department of Revenue

In 2009, the Georgia Department of Revenue sought to manufacture and distribute license plates more efficiently. After putting out a request for information, conducting research and beginning a bidding process, the state ultimately chose to partner with 3M.

“It was all about who was out there who would provide better customer service,” says Georgia Steele, assistant director of the Motor Vehicle Division of the Department of Revenue. “3M had considerable experience and the ability to provide us with cutting edge technology.”

3M provides the state of Georgia with digital license plates, registration cards and decals. In addition to previous experience, 3M manufacturers its own sheeting instead of getting it from another source, which Steele says was an advantage.

“It’s allowed for us to cut down our warehouse needs,” says Steele. “Before, we had to have a greater lead time in production of plates just so we could have them at a faster turnaround time.”

The Department of Revenue already had a working relationship with 3M involving raw materials, says Julie Burke, government services manager for 3M. “We were getting last-minute orders for sheeting and decals,” she says. “We knew that we could help them create a more efficient fulfillment process.”

Burke says the digital system is a “far more efficient way” of redesigning license plates because it allows a Department official to develop different plates in less time. Additionally, there’s no cost incurred from carrying inventory as the state is only charged when the plate is issued to the motorist, Burke says.

The digital system has since allowed the state of Georgia to improve their specialty plates. “We’ll have the standard plate with the peach in the background, new veterans plates that display each award they’ve received, and colleges will have new designs for their plates that cover the entire plate,” Steele says. “It’s a great part of the 3M partnership.”