NOVA Mobile office fmt

MAY 2013

Does your jurisdiction offer Mobile DMV Services?

Mark Lowe
Director, Motor Vehicle Division, Iowa Department of Transportation

Iowa does not currently offer mobile services but we are in the process of developing them. We currently have an RFP for an RV that we can reconfigure to offer both driver and vehicles services, and hope to have the vehicle in service later this summer. The original concept for the vehicle came from the desire to provide relief services to disaster areas, but we quickly realized that once equipped the vehicle would have much more capacity and could be used for outreach services, such as at high schools, state or county fairs, senior service locations, veteran service locations, employer locations, etc. Rick Holcomb of Virginia and his staff shared their experiences with their mobile unit and were of great assistance in developing our concept.

Scott Waddell
Commissioner, Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles

The Indiana BMV has one mobile trailer that is used primarily for work at prisons, the state fair and in emergency response situations. When the unit was first rolled out, we spent much time at events such as county fairs and special events that ultimately proved to be unproductive. Considering the visit time at our 138 branches is substantially less than 15 minutes, our customers find it much more convenient to visit a branch, go online, transact by mail or call when working with the bureau. Plus, the mobile unit is by far our most costly channel.

Sunni Brown
PR & Media Liaison, Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

Virginia is bringing DMV services to customers at locations convenient to them through two successful mobile operations—DMV 2 Go and DMV Connect.

The DMV 2 Go mobile office fleet consists of five buses or RVs renovated into handicapped-accessible, full-service DMV offices on wheels. The mobile offices conduct routine visits to military installations, college and university campuses, assisted living facilities, retirement communities, corporate campuses and government complexes; plus, DMV 2 Go provides unique service opportunities including helping customers during disaster recovery efforts when needed documents may have been lost and serving as a business development tool when companies move into Virginia and bring in new people who need to interact with DMV.

DMV Connect serves customers who may not be able to travel to a DMV office. Connection teams carry portable DMV equipment into federal, state and local correctional facilities to issue ID cards to incarcerated individuals pending release. The DMV Connect program will soon expand to serve nursing homes and homebound individuals.