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MAY 2013

Tennessee Department of Safety partners with MorphoTrust USA to offer secure self-service kiosks for select transactions

Tennessee has changed the way it approaches driver’s license replacements and renewals. In an effort to give citizens more options for services and reduce wait times at its Driver Services centers, the Tennessee Department of Safety partnered with MorphoTrust USA to implement 40 secure self-service kiosks throughout the state. As an added convenience, approximately 30 of these kiosks can be found at locations such as libraries, courthouses, city halls, police departments and AAA offices as opposed to Driver Services centers.

“We took our cues from the banking model,” says Michael Hogan, Director of Driver Services for the state of Tennessee. “When you go into most banks, you are deferred to a kiosk or ATM for express services like making a withdrawal or deposit. We adopted that same policy to allow customers who have express transactions—like renewals, duplicates or change of address—to use a kiosk instead of waiting in line [at a Driver Services center].”

One of the components of the kiosks—and the reason the self-service model works—is MorphoTrust’s 1:1 facial verification software. After an applicant provides identifying information, he or she poses for a photograph. Using the MorphoTrust software algorithm, the applicants’ facial patterns are compared to the photo already on file for them to verify that they are who they say they are.

“If it’s not a match, the applicant cannot continue with the process,” says Kristina Cairns, Senior Product Manager at MorphoTrust USA. But if it is a match, he or she can complete the transaction and then pay for the service. A printed receipt serves as a temporary license until a permanent one is mailed days later. The entire kiosk transaction can be completed in less than five minutes, according to Hogan.

In addition to providing fast and convenient service, the kiosks protect citizens from identity theft. The “photo first” strategy the kiosks employ helps law enforcement catch identity thieves. “That way, if an imposter were to go up to the kiosk and try to steal an identity, we would have a photo that could be run against the state database to see if we can find out who was trying to get a false ID,” says John Doyle, Sales Director, Self Service at MorphoTrust USA.

Tennessee and MorphoTrust plan to continue their partnership to offer additional services and protection for the citizens of Tennessee. Next on Hogan’s agenda: offering renewal or duplicate handgun carry permits at the kiosks.

MorphoTrust USA also partners with the states of Mississippi, Alabama, Delaware, Indiana and South Dakota to provide identity verification solutions for self-service kiosks.