NMVTIS Bus Rules Vertical

MAY 2013


AAMVA's NMVTIS Business Rules Working Group works on issues related to National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) state business rules, addressing and resolving vehicle, title, registration, and brand business issues as they pertain to NMVTIS.

"NMVTIS is a federally-mandated system that really is intended to protect consumers, provide state agencies and law enforcement with critical information to help them make a more informed title decision in terms of re-titling a vehicle," says Vivienne Cameron with AAMVA. "It's a significant tool for consumers as well because it provides them access to title and brand information as well as information as to the status of a vehicle, which typically people don't have access to, and NMVTIS provides that to consumers."

"Our involvement is to basically share information with all other participating states also to gather information to try to resolve any titling issue that we have as it pertains to NMVTIS information," says Karen Dudenhoeffer with the Missouri Department of Revenue, and a member of the working group.

"NMVTIS has been an advantage to the citizens of South Carolina in as much as we can now advise our citizens whether a vehicle has been junked or salvaged, and a lot of times, as a consumer, you're not privy to that information when a title is passed onto you," says Sharon Madison of the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles, also a member of the working group. "So when an individual comes into our state to register and title vehicles, we are able to advise them of the conditions of our vehicles. That's information they haven't been privy to before, and we're so happy to be able to do that for them. Without NMVTIS, we would have so many incidences of title washing in the state."


While many AAMVA members participate in NMVTIS by contributing data, not every state contributes, and since states must contribute information to NMVTIS to have access to information provided by other jurisdictions, not all states can access information.

"The more states that participate, the better the system works for everybody," says Vivienne Cameron. "Everybody sees advantages of it, so for those states that I know are interested and want to participate and have begun participating, I say continue that commitment and whatever you need from AAMVA and whoever involved to help get you involved in NMVTIS, we're happy to help. It's critical for you to participate."

The NMVTIS Business Rules Working Group is working on developing NMVTIS-related best practices for title and registration program managers. The best practices will help managers make decisions when developing their policies and procedures for transactions that involve duplicate titles, VIN corrections, brand reporting, and the use of vehicle make codes, as well as a number of other concerns that have been identified by the NMVTIS community.

Once the best practices are drafted, they will go through a vetting process and are expected to be published near the end of the year. The group is also undertaking a project that will include a review of brands and will look for opportunities to improve stakeholder's understanding, use and reporting of the brands. Additionally, the working group is participating in the development of a process to reduce duplicate VINs and synchronize title and brand data in NMVTIS.