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August 2013

How will Registration and Insurance Card Standardization (RICS) affect your jurisdiction?

Amy Smith
Vehicle Services Manager, Idaho Transportation Department, Division of Motor Vehicles

As the Vehicle Services Manager for Idaho, I can see this benefitting law enforcement and the courts more than anything. It may help our county assessors who run the motor vehicle offices on behalf of the department when customers are bringing in this type of information from another jurisdiction. We are quite proud of Idaho’s current registration document, which contains the actual validation decals for vehicle registrations and is all printed in one document.

Mark Francis
Manager, Provincial Vehicle Registration & Licensing, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

Standardization of these cards would make it easier to explain to our point-of-service staff what they can expect to see, resulting in a more efficient transaction that will:

  • help reduce pressure on staffing needs—a faster transaction means more customers can be served in the same amount of time;
  • create a better experience for the customer and staff;
  • increase the overall accuracy of registration transactions; and
  • help reduce the opportunity for fraud.

Sherry Helms
Alabama Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division

Standardizing the layout of the insurance cards and where data elements are to be shown on the card would allow licensing official clerks and law enforcement officers to obtain the NAIC and policy number needed more quickly so they could be more efficient in their duties. Incorporating barcodes onto the insurance cards with standard data elements (NAIC, policy number, VIN, policy effective dates) would be instrumental in eliminating data entry errors, which would result in incorrect unconfirmed Web service responses.