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November 2013

Does your jurisdiction spend a lot of time and resources combating fraud? If so, what tactics are used?


Mac Lewis
Manager of Policy Procedure, Training and Performance, Motor Vehicle Division, New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department

New Mexico MVD’s parent agency, the Taxation and Revenue Department, has a separate Tax Fraud Investigations Division, whose functions include review of all first-time foreign national driver’s license and ID application documents; proactive identification and investigation of driver’s license/ID fraud; close coordination with law enforcement and prosecutors on driver’s license/ID fraud cases; regular audits of our field office operations; and internal investigations. Internally, MVD actively utilizes facial recognition biometrics to identify and pursue cases of identity fraud. And over the past couple of years, our finance unit has increasingly fine-tuned its ability to identify and pursue discrepancies in financial reporting by MVD’s field offices and partners.

Patrick McJannet
Audit and CDL Section Supervisor, Montana Department of Justice/Motor Vehicle Division Operations and Customer Support Bureau

Although we are trying to formalize an Audit/Fraud unit, resources are limited … especially as we have fully implemented CDLIS [Commercial Driver’s License Program] Mod and the medical requirements. We do hope to be more proactive detecting fraud as resources become available. Most of this will start by more closely monitoring our facial recognition program. Also, FDR [fraud detection and remediation] training is provided to new employees by Danny Goyette (CDL compliance auditor), and refresher training is done every couple of years.

Pam Goheen
Assistant Commissioner for Communications, Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

Security is a primary function and daily priority for the Virginia DMV. The agency leverages the array of AAMVA fraud prevention and detection tools, and relies on its sworn law enforcement staff to protect the integrity of DMV processes, products and services.

Susan Schilz
Compliance, Audit and Fraud Unit Supervisor, DMV Administrators Office, Wisconsin DOT

We have developed standardized internal reports and audit practices that monitor trends for quality assurance and internal fraud control. These reports and audit results are viewed regularly by the Fraud Unit and management staff. We also have a relationship with the state Fusion Centers in collaboration with Homeland Security and the USDOJ to report suspicious activity in and around our business areas. This reporting can provide vital information to reduce the occurrence of fraudulent document production, benefits fraud and can provide valuable information to protect all citizens within our state and nationally.