August 2014

The New Mexico MVD partners with Qmatic to provide elegant customer feedback solutions


When the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division recently upgraded its driver services technology provided by Qmatic—a queue management company that partners with many motor vehicle departments—it moved from a local-based system to a server-based system and installed electronic kiosks. This reduced wait times by segregating customers into different lines based on their transaction. While these changes saved money and improved service at the MVD, the most important change made was implementing Qmatic’s Expressia customer feedback system.

“Traditionally, we were always the No. 1 source of complaints because we have the highest transaction volume of any state agency, and now we’re getting very, very few,” says Mark Williams, director of the New Mexico MVD. “We actually get more compliments than we do complaints, and that’s sort of unheard of; it’s never happened in the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division.”

The Expressia system, which is a part of Qmatic’s Orchestra software, helped the MVD improve its service by collecting actionable data that can be analyzed in many different ways. The focal point of the system is a device that simply has five smiley face buttons on it, representing different levels of customer satisfaction. One of these devices is at every MVD station and after a customer is served, he or she rates the experience by pressing one of the buttons.

If a customer gives the transaction a low rating, like poor or unacceptable, the system sends a text message to the manager on duty so the manager can personally follow up with that customer about the issue. The MVD also uses the data on a larger scale to look at trends and improve service.

“For the most part we’re tracking it weekly, so we can adjust to any issues that are coming up,” says Williams. “For example, if we find that one office is really trending negatively, we send our bureau chief over there. Or if a clerk is trending negatively, we can have our field office manager talk to [that person].”

The success of this system is due in no small part to the working relationship between Qmatic and the New Mexico MVD. Although there were a few technical issues when the system was first implemented, these were swiftly resolved because of this collaborative environment.

“The partnership is outstanding,” says Williams. “When we went from our local system to the server-based system, initially we had a lot of trouble getting it to work properly. I called the CEO of Qmatic, and I’ve never seen an organization throw more of their high-level resources into a project. The CEO was involved on a daily basis. They’re a perfect example of a responsive, customer-centric organization.”

Marketing director for Qmatic, Mike Stein, agrees with Williams’ sentiments and points to New Mexico MVD’s willingness to commit to the technology as vital to the system’s resounding success.

“It’s been a very good relationship,” says Stein. “They’re very open to our recommendations so they can get the most out of [our software]. A lot of times people oversimplify what we have to offer, especially with this new Orchestra offering, because it has so much functionality. [The New Mexico MVD] is really utilizing it to its full capability.”