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March 2016

Is your jurisdiction pursuing Online Insurance Verification (OLV)?


Director, Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

In May 2010, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles upgraded its method of insurance policy reporting from an antiquated system of discs and cartridges to a homegrown Web-based system, known as NV Live, following the guidelines provided by the Insurance Industry Committee on Motor Vehicle Administration (IICMVA). In November 2012, the Department implemented a monthly “Book of Business”(BoB) to alleviate the necessity of registered owner participation in the new Web-based program. The monthly BoB submission, from all reporting insurance companies, works in conjunction with Web services, bringing us closer to our goal of sustaining real-time insurance verification.

One of the greatest challenges is efficiently adding electronic verification of commercial fleet insurance policies. While the IICMVA provides suggestions and guidance on electronically verifying commercial fleet policies, the industry has been unable to comply. Previously, the Department was completing electronic verification of fleet policies; however, the recommended process proved to be a hardship on the industry. Additionally, we face the challenge of creating an acceptable standard measure that is simple and adequately shows the insurance verification program is effective in reducing the number of uninsured motorists on Nevada’s roadways, which is not inclusive of the statistics provided by the Insurance Information Institute.

Manager, Financial Responsibility, South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles

South Carolina utilizes OLV for real-time insurance verification by law enforcement, following vehicle registration issuance and renewal, and ongoing verification to assist with identifying insurance cancellations. This is an effective tool to implement, but it works best when used in combination with regular insurance policy data feeds from insurance companies.