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March 2016

The 3rd edition of the NMVTIS Best Practices guide introduces a self-assessment tool

The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) is a cornerstone of the titling process, and title program managers across the United States rely upon it to help protect vehicle buyers against fraud, among other things. While the system is often incredibly useful, it is only as powerful as the quality of data it contains. AAMVA’s NMVTIS Best Practices for Title and Registration Program Managers in DMVs aims to help title program managers standardize their use of NMVTIS so that data entered into NMVTIS in Ohio is entered the same way in New Mexico, for example.

With a 3rd edition update to the NMVTIS Best Practices guide—expected to be released in 2016—AAMVA is including an additional self-assessment tool that will help title program managers ensure their teams are using best practices.

“This is one way to give [title program managers] an incentive to stay on top of their NMVTIS game,” says Sharon Madison, deputy director of Customer Service Delivery, South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.

As part of this new self-assessment tool, the updated NMVTIS Best Practices guide will have a table at the end of each best practice, which title program managers can fill out electronically to keep track of their planning and implementation. There also will be a tool that looks at all of the best practices at once, so managers can get a big-picture view of what they have implemented and what remains.

“With these tools, title program managers will be able to easily update their records so they know at a glance what they have and haven’t done,” says Cathie Curtis, director of Vehicle Programs for AAMVA. “There are a lot of best practices, and the [NMVTIS] Working Group thought this would be a great way for program managers to think about how and when they’re implemented. The more best practices are used, the more accurate and consistent data will be, and every state will benefit from more consistent data.” 


Download best practices documents developed by AAMVA’s committees and working groups that provide guidance for establishing and maintaining ideal programs.