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December 2016

Longtime Industry Partner Qmatic stays on the cutting edge of Queue Management

Twenty years ago, Qmatic made headlines in MOVE with its queue management system, which eliminated lines at the DMV in favor of a ticket-based system that allowed customers to sit and wait until their ticket was called. Today, this industry partner is still focused on the customer experience; however, the tools and systems used have changed drastically.

“We’ve evolved from what some people would say is a hardware-focused company to a more software-driven—but hardware-enabled—company,” says Keith Blankenship, vice president of sales for Qmatic. “We went from that red LED board that displays ticket numbers to being able to schedule an appointment on your smartphone.”

Qmatic’s flagship product for motor vehicle departments is the Orchestra platform, which offers numerous ways for DMVs to manage what Qmatic calls the “customer journey.” The functions Orchestra covers range from the pre-arrival stage—customers going online to look at wait times or make an appointment—to the post-serving stage—capturing feedback from customers and analyzing that data—and everything in between.

One of Qmatic’s newest offerings is the ability to add gamification, or the application of game elements like point scoring, to products within the Orchestra platform. The Norristown Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) Driver License Center in Norristown, Pennsylvania, is the first site in the United States to use this technology in a motor vehicle setting. Visitors to the Norristown branch can download an app and play Myfunwait, which asks users DMV-related trivia questions while also keeping track of their place in line.

“The reason we implemented Qmatic in our sites is we think it’s important to have open communication with our customers, and gamification is just one more tool in that toolbox for us to make sure our customers have a pleasant experience,” says Alexis Campbell, community relations coordinator for PennDOT.

Campbell attributes PennDOT’s commitment to customer service as the primary driving factor that keeps the jurisdiction on the cutting edge of new ideas and technologies like gamification and Myfunwait.

“PennDOT is in a modernization movement across the board,” she says. “It’s true for us not only on the DMV side of things, but with the department as a whole. We’re always trying to find new ways to use technology that help us better communicate with our customers.”

Blankenship agrees with Campbell’s assessment, saying that the PennDOT team is very hands-on and is open to new ideas; which is good, because Qmatic plans to keep evolving its products for the next 20 years and beyond.

“Today we can serve smartphones and smart watches, and when people ask if we’ll look at robotics, beacon technology [and other new technologies], the answer to all of those questions is ‘Yes,’” he says. “We’ll be pushing the envelope and continuing to think of new and innovative ways to provide better customer journeys.”