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August 2017

What’s on the minds of the AAMVA Leadership Academy’s recent graduates?


The AAMVA Leadership Academy provides professional development opportunities for future leaders in the AAMVA community. This weeklong program includes modules on defining leadership, working with legislators, teamwork and collaboration, organizational performance management and more. It is an intense training opportunity focused on the unique characteristics of leading and managing a motor vehicle or law enforcement agency. Here’s what four members of the AAMVA Leadership Academy Class of 2017 had to say about their experiences and what they learned.

Tammi Stefanik, Montana Department of Justice, on her Leadership Academy experience:
This allowed me a very specific time to focus on leadership tools and to be able to talk with others about a business that’s so common among us. A lot of the problems that we have are the same, so it allowed me to really focus and hone in on things that I can do.

Robert Porecca, New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, on what he learned about himself at the Leadership Academy:
There’s a part of the program here where you learn a little about your personality type, and not only that, you learn about what the other types are. It enables you to bridge that gap and communicate a little better, and to me that was very important—I will bring that home.

Kent Selk, Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles, on what he’ll be bringing back to his jurisdiction from the Leadership Academy:
Trying to listen to everyone around me. Make sure that they realize they’re important and it’s all of us together, going in the same direction.

Jessica Espinoza, Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, on effective leadership:
When you know your “why,” your “what” is more impactful. It’s interesting to see how someone has more drive or more motivation when they know why they’re doing something.