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August 2017

Sunshine State Tag Agency connects Florida DHSMV with large fleet customers

While title and registration concerns often are focused on the consumer and dealer market, the fleet market, which includes both commercial rental fleets and government fleets, represents as many as 15 million vehicles. With roots tracing back to 1988 as a “mom and pop” tag agent in Florida, Sunshine State Tag Agency (SSTA) helps connect rental car companies or other fleet owners with tax collectors as well as the state. SSTA later expanded and created Auto Tag America (ATA) for states outside of Florida, both of which are now owned by American Traffic Solutions.

“Title and registration for very large fleets is sometimes underestimated because they have unique needs in how they operate and serve the public,” says Glenn D. Turner, consultant for Auto Tag America. “Fleet owners work with us to overcome some of those obstacles, to gain economies of scale, and to process their titles and registrations more quickly and efficiently.”

SSTA achieves this through a unique centralized system that connects fleets to motor vehicle agencies, which results in much quicker turnaround times that benefit not only the state and the fleet owners, but also the eventual consumers that either rent the cars or drive fleet-leased vehicles. SSTA’s technology keeps track of fleet vehicles from the time they arrive from the original manufacturer, all the way through inspection and their eventual use on the road serving customers.

For jurisdictions, working with companies like SSTA/ATA means not only titling and registering vehicles more quickly, but also collecting revenue faster. “We’re clearing a lot of funds between the fleets and the government,” says Judith A. Voll, director of business development for SSTA/ATA. “We’re the bridge between the states and the companies, and we make sure that the states can collect those funds.”

Turner and Voll attribute a lot of this success to their collaborative partnership with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, as well as the Pinellas County Tax Collector, which has enabled them to build and improve upon their fleet registration and titling system.

“We’ve worked with them for many years, and it’s always been an excellent relationship,” says Voll. “They actually just helped us move our automation system from a small 6,000-square-foot building to one with 20,000 square feet. A lot of things needed to happen with [that move] to ensure there was no disruption to customers, and they were right there helping and working with us.”