2017 AIC

January 2018

What brought you to the 2017 AAMVA Annual International Conference?


Matt Dingbaum, Iowa Department of Transportation
This is the place where you’re going to find out best practices. This is the place where you’re going to find what’s up and coming in the industries that we work in. I can’t think of anything else that compares to AAMVA.

Dawn Lietz, Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles
Some of my closest friends have come from networking at these meetings.

Frank Mannarino, Covestro, LLC Specialty Films
It’s a great opportunity to meet key decision-makers.

Sharon Madison, South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles
Being able to talk to folks who are in similar job duties to what you have in your state, and talking about their experiences—getting some fresh ideas. We steal and steal [those ideas] shamelessly.

Kurt Myers, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
When we go through our daily lives, and we think about the individuals who we may touch and may talk to, we need to remember that it’s sometimes not apparent, but it does impact people, and it is so important to what we do every day, and how we measure ourselves as human beings.


Watch the 2017 AIC Wrap Up Video below to hear why even more of your peers attended the 2017 AIC.