360 458 Community Service Indiana BMV Pride Food Drive Winning Team Photo

March 2018


As a way to boost employee morale and engagement, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles implemented the BMV Pride program in 2015. Managed by the Marketing & Communications Department, the program holds employee events and competitions, encourages employees to work together, and highlights employee achievements and successes.

“We want employees to enjoy their work and feel confident that they are serving the citizens of Indiana in a positive and effective way,” says Sarah Bonick, executive director of Marketing & Communications at the Indiana BMV. “It is important to the agency that our employees not only feel motivated in what they do, but also enjoy coming to work every day.”

From Idea to Inception

After the BMV Pride program was introduced in February 2015, the Marketing & Communications Department began to brand all employee- related announcements, flyers, events and other internal materials with the BMV Pride logo.

“A major part of the BMV Pride branding is our logo: the BMV Pride lion,” says Bonick. “We selected a lion as the symbol because of the double meaning—taking pride in your work, but also being part of a lion pride, or the BMV family.”

To solidify each employee’s role in the pride, polo shirts with the logo were ordered for each employee, and they are provided to every new employee who joins the BMV.

Events and activities for employees include baking competitions, food drives, ticket raffles to baseball games and the Indiana State Fair, paddleboat races, and donation campaigns. BMV Pride videos of various license branches and central office staff are also shot to showcase duties, departments and reasons why they’re proud to work for the BMV.

Embracing Innovation

Since its inception, the BMV Pride program has successfully branded itself as an integral part of working for and being a member of the Indiana BMV. The program is also successful because of its innovation—no other strategic, morale-boosting campaign had ever been implemented internally at the BMV.

“Previously, departments throughout the agency would recognize employee achievements in their own way, but these successes were never shared at a broad level,” says Bonick.

Now employees and departments are recognized for their success and achievements through various internal communications methods, such as mass emails and memos, the quarterly employee newsletter, the employee intranet and an internal podcast.

Bonick says the biggest challenge the BMV faces is maintaining steady awareness of the program, especially among new employees. Making sure there are an equal number of events and employee recognition opportunities for branch employees as there are for central office employees is a challenge as well.

Future Benefits

Since innovation and customer satisfaction go hand-in-hand—and are therefore important to motor vehicle agencies across North America—Bonick urges other jurisdictions to think about beginning an employee investment program of their own.

“Beginning an employee investment program does take time, organization and support from leadership, but it is an investment in the future of an organization,” says Bonick. “It can result in a decrease in turnover, improvements in job performance and a more enjoyable work environment for everyone.”