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March 2018

What are some goals or resolutions your agency has for 2018?

Rhonda Lahm, Director, Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles

Well, we are busy here in Nebraska, like the rest of the jurisdictions.

One of our goals this year is to open a new service center for driver licensing services in the Omaha area, which will change our business model and incorporate some new technology to streamline the process and reduce the time for customer transactions. Currently, DMV staff processes the applicants and do testing, then they transition to the county office for payment and issuance of the temporary document. The new service center will incorporate everything into one transaction. This will be a change from what has been done since the inception of the DMV in Nebraska.

Another goal will be to start the project to modernize our vehicle, title and registration system, which is a legacy system developed in the 1980s and deployed in the early 1990s. The project is to be completed in 2019.

Chrissy Nizer, Administrator, Maryland Department of Transportation – Motor Vehicle Administration

In 2018, the MDOT MVA will continue to deliver on Governor Hogan’s “Customer Service Promise” of providing more convenient access to state services. We rolled out several new customer service enhancements last year that made doing business with our agency more accessible and cost effective, and we plan to continue that progress this year. We are partnering with other state and federal agencies to provide a variety of services conveniently for Maryland residents both at our branch offices and through our website and self-service kiosks. Lastly, we will continue to encourage both our employees and customers to provide feedback and generate suggestions so we can enhance our processes and provide a premier customer service experience in-person at a branch office, by mail, telephone or via our online portal.

Richard D. Holcomb, Commissioner, Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

With a new governor for the Commonwealth, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles is advancing Governor Ralph Northam’s priorities for a Virginia that works for everyone. To that end, the DMV is planning full implementation of Real ID on Oct. 1, 2018, providing Virginians the option of applying for Real IDs or renewing legacy credentials.

Lisa Weyer, Director, Motor Vehicle Division, South Dakota Department of Revenue

The South Dakota Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division has outlined four key areas for our 2018 goals, with several objectives underneath each area. The four key areas align with the Department of Revenue’s overall strategic plan. To illustrate, I will provide one example under each of the four objective areas.

1. Education and Training—Engaging and Developing our Team:
Map South Dakota statutes pertaining to motor fuel, International Fuel Tax Agreement, accounting distributions and dealer licensing.
2. Data Integrity and Cleanup—Leveraging Information Through Data Analytics:
Update all forms and correspondence letters.
3. Enhancing Technology—Managing Resources to Maximize Return on Investment:
Increase usage of electronic registration renewal methods from 10 percent to 25 percent.
4. Customer Service—Developing and Strengthening Department Relationships:
Implement Live Chat.

Fred Woodhams, Communications Office, Michigan Department of State

The top goals of the Michigan Department of State for 2018 are preparing to launch the first phase of our legacy modernization project, called Customer and Automotive Records System. In a year, we will replace our 1960s-era mainframe system with a modern, user-friendly one for vehicle transactions, with driver transactions to follow at a later date. Additionally, we will heavily promote our Real ID-compliant driver’s license and ID card so Michigan residents can make an informed choice about whether to get one before the rules for boarding commercial flights go into effect.

Walter Anger, Commissioner/Deputy Director of Revenue, Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration

Our primary goal and focus in 2018 is to improve our customer experience by providing more online services for Arkansas citizens. To that end, Arkansas rolled out 11 new online services on Jan. 1. In March, we will provide online options that will allow citizens to pay their motor vehicle sales tax and to process an application for title and registration of their newly acquired vehicle. Additionally, Arkansans will have the ability to apply for a duplicate driver’s license online.