In the Headlights

June 2012

A look at how the International Driver Examiner (IDEC) Program benefits jurisdictions and examiners.
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The International Driver Examiner (IDEC) Program came to life from the growing responsibilities being placed on driver licensing personnel. In 1980, AAMVA and NHTSA began the development of an examiner certification program, and in 1982, the IDEC Program was released and ready for jurisdictions to adopt.

The IDEC Program encompasses three distinct areas: certified driver examiners (CDE), certified motorcycle examiners (CME) and certified commercial examiners (CCE). The final component, the certified third-party tester (CTT), was established to help upgrade the level of training and to provide an avenue for third-party testers to meet the same level of qualifications as jurisdictional personnel.

This program benefits jurisdictions and their examiners as well as third-party tester/examiners by providing established, uniform training standards in driver licensing and examination throughout the United States and Canada. Jurisdictions who wish to participate in the IDEC program must apply for accreditation. After the IDEC Board approves the training program, the jurisdiction is then able to certify its examiners in that area.

Examiners who become certified are proud to be recognized as professionals, and it promotes a higher standard of performance amongst employees.

As jurisdictions budgets are limited yet there is a need to continue to strive for consistency and uniformity amongst driver licensing personnel and third parties, AAMVA's IDEC program can accelerate this by providing already established best practices. 

"Our Board is here to support you and provide the tools you need to have your jurisdiction accredited and examiners certified. When our jurisdiction moved to third-party testing we were able to retain accreditation by reusing the already established training standards. Having our third-party testers/examiners certified provides the jurisdiction the opportunity to oversee that uniform standards are being applied," says Linda Dunstall, AAMVA IDEC Board Chair and Director, Modernization Project, Road User Safety Division.