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august 2012

How does your jurisdiction assist military personnel with transitioning into civilian life?

Dave Stutz
Iowa DOT, Driver Services

“Earlier this year, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad signed a bill that authorizes the Iowa Department of Transportation to waive commercial driver’s license skills testing for military personnel who have military training and experience in the operation of commercial motor vehicles. Effective July 1, 2012, substituting the new law is consistent with the provisions of 49 CFR Part 383.77, for driving skills tests for drivers with military commercial motor vehicle experience. The Iowa Army National Guard has several transportation companies and other units that utilize heavy vehicles. The law will offer eligible military personnel who are on active duty in the military service or separated honorably from such service an enhanced opportunity for civilian employment.”

Monty Pride
DL/CDL Coordinator, Highway Patrol Administration, Arkansas State Police

“The state of Arkansas will renew an Arkansas driver license for any active military member serving out of state or out of country. We mail the license to them. Any spouse of a military member serving out of state or out of country when his or her license expires due to deployment will be issued a new license. Military veterans may apply at all state Revenue Offices for a “Veteran Designation” to be added to their driver license or state ID card by presenting their DD-214 that shows honorable discharge or general discharge under honorable conditions.

Since 2005, the state of Arkansas has honored military experience with Commercial Motor Vehicles of all kinds used by the armed forces by waiving CDL skills testing for former military personnel who show documentation of the vehicles they operated while in the military and wish to obtain a non-military CDL.”

Lynn Blackwell
Division Chief 1, Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles

“The Connecticut Legislature extended expiration dates for transitioning military by 30 days after discharge. Connecticut also offers mail renewal at no fee for all military. Connecticut has a CDL transition program called ‘Helmets to Hardhats’ that helps our service personnel to transfer their military skills to private industry jobs.”

Ed Pemble
Driver Services Manager, Idaho Transportation Department

“Idaho Transportation Department’s Driver Services offers a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Skills Test Waiver. The waiver process was developed for service men and women who gained military experience in heavy vehicle operations. The skills test waiver is based upon federal motor carrier safety regulations and is available to eligible military members who are currently serving in or recently separated from military service. The department is processing an increasing number of skills test waivers to applicants who are planning to transition into civilian careers in trucking and related industries.”