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February 2013

Who could have imagined that we’d be where we are today—in the midst of CDLIS modernization, NMVTIS and the reality of State to State? Five years ago, I might have laughed if you told me we would have come so far.

Given that, try hazarding a guess at where we’ll be in 80 years. I certainly can’t. How about another five years? A virtual driver’s license perhaps? And who knows what other amazing changes will have taken place?

While it is nearly impossible to predict 80 years from now, much less five, one thing is certain: transformation is at the core of our business. This is a great industry for people who have imagination or are creative—either in creating the products or figuring out the service delivery method. Most people wouldn’t think of state government as a place for dreamers, but I do. They help lead the transformation.

There is no question that technology will play a leading role in the next 80 years of AAMVA and motor vehicle administration.

As exciting as it is, it also begs the question, how do we keep up, especially as states are lacking in resources, such as funding and implementation? And the aging of the system is another challenge. One goal is to keep jurisdictions on a level playing field—putting customer service delivery first, and maintaining the proper mix of field offices, and public or private entities.

Whatever happens, I am confident that AAMVA will weather the challenges, with grace and good humor. Here’s to the next 80 years.

Stacy Stanton

Chair of the Board