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August 2013

Messages from the the outgoing and incoming Chairs

So Long, Farewell

How the time flies! It’s hard to believe my year as chairwoman has come and gone. What a ride it’s been. I wanted to be known as the AAMVA chair who helped to bring to completion projects we’ve been working on for years. I’m so honored that State to State was signed under my watch. I also hope to be remembered as a good chair, a personable chair, a chair who had the best jokes. (Here’s one: What do you get when you cross an alligator with a railroad? The answer: Three pieces of alligator.) At the end, I realize it’s not about me, but the 79 chairs who came before me and the 79 who will follow me. Thank you for choosing me as your chair and giving me the privilege to serve you. See you around!

Stacey Stanton

Outgoing Chair of the Board



Full Speed Ahead

I’m so thrilled to be the next chairwoman of AAMVA. As you have read in “Behind the Wheel,” the motor vehicle industry is near and dear to me, as I started working at the Delaware DMV when I was just a high school student. I am so impressed with the work that hardworking people at the DMVs and other motor vehicle professionals do every single day. I want to keep them on the front burner as well as the workings of our great AAMVA organization. One initiative we have started is to recruit memberships from Europe and other countries, and we continue to foster relationships with jurisdiction partners in Mexico and Canada. I look forward to advancing this project and the other great work of my predecessors. I can’t wait to see what new ideas and plans unfold within the organization over the course of the next year!

Jennifer Cohan

Incoming Chair of the Board