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August 2015


Anne Ferro Headshot“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”—a paraphrased line from an exchange between the Cheshire Cat and Alice in Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Well, let me tell you that AAMVA’s Board of Directors knows where it wants AAMVA to go, and it knows the road we need to take in order to get there. The Board set that direction recently when it finalized a strong strategic vision and framework during Mark Lowe’s chairmanship.

The new strategic framework, which started taking shape when Jennifer Cohan (now Secretary of the Delaware DOT) was AAMVA’s Chair, sets saving lives as the ultimate objective, supported by safe drivers, safe vehicles and secure identities. Each of these principles rests on our member jurisdictions’ driving goals of improving highway safety, protecting their customers’ data and ensuring a positive experience for everyone who comes through their doors.

AAMVA’s foundation remains its long-standing mission to serve our members, North American motor vehicle and law enforcement agencies, helping them carry out their missions of safety, service and security. We are fortunate to have clear-eyed leaders sitting on AAMVA’s Board. These leaders come from every region across North America and are nominated through AAMVA’s regional board structure. I am looking forward to supporting AAMVA’s 2015–2016 Board, chaired by Rick Holcomb, in carrying out its strategic governance.

Under this governance model, AAMVA’s staff has begun to operationalize our new strategic framework in a way that moves the needle for our members. To this end, AAMVA’s senior leadership and I recently brainstormed solutions and set priorities to build into our fiscal year 2016 budget proposal, which will be presented to the Board just prior to the Annual International Conference in Des Moines, Iowa (Aug. 25–27, 2015).

From strong conferences and innovative solutions that support our members’ business needs, to staff who are knowledgeable, engaged and service-driven, AAMVA is proud to provide technology solutions and facilitate best practices that bring the association to its members’ fingertips. We are committed to completing our work within a financial framework that ensures the most responsible use of AAMVA members’ funds and federal grants—these are the strategic priorities that set our direction for the years ahead.

We know what road we’re on here at AAMVA. Thanks to the Board’s strength of vision, it’s a road that will lead us to safe drivers, safe vehicles, secure identities and saving lives!


Anne Ferro

AAMVA President and CEO