August 2015

Messages from the the outgoing Chair


This is my last Taillights column. It’s really been an honor to share my thoughts with you here, and even more so, to visit with and learn from all of you as I have traveled throughout the AAMVA community as Chair. My time with all of you this year confirmed the assertion I made at the outset of my time as Chair—that the strength of AAMVA is in the people of AAMVA.

To my observation, the people of AAMVA are smart, resourceful, creative, innovative, hardworking and dedicated to service, often to the point of putting service above self. It’s to this last point that I address this column. As I discussed at AAMVA’s Leadership Academy in May, our work often requires that we put our organization and its mission first, and that laudable sense of service above self can often translate into a sense of self-sacrifice that at times can be detrimental to our physical and mental well-being.

I advocate that it’s not selfish, and that in fact it’s to the benefit of our community and your organization, to take and make time for your own well-being. Our work requires great energy and perseverance, and we’re best able to deliver that when we’re mentally and physically well. This isn’t an exhortation to start running marathons or take up kickboxing, but it is an encouragement to remember to think of yourself, and to do the things that are right for you to make you healthy and happy. You’ll be better for it, and your organization will be as well.

It’s been my honor to serve as Chair during this past year, and I look forward to continuing to serve the AAMVA community with all of you for many years to come. I also look forward to Rick Holcomb’s upcoming year as Chair. I congratulate him and know it will be superb.

People often say “take care” as they depart, and I think that’s appropriate here as well. I would just add: “of yourself!” Oh, and drink plenty of water every day.



Mark Lowe

2014-2015 AAMVA Chair of the Board