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August 2015

Messages from the the Incoming Chair


I am excited to be AAMVA’s 2015–2016 Chair of the Board. Mark Lowe set the bar high in his tenure, and I look forward to building on his many successes.

The two biggest goals of my term as Chair are to improve communication and enhance relationships with our federal partners, which are so vital to the work we do every day.

CEO Anne Ferro and I will stay connected with the heads of each member agency; we want to hear from you and learn how we can better serve you. This especially includes our Canadian members who I want to ensure are represented on our board and get value from their participation in AAMVA.

I plan to further explore new federal partnerships to help us better document legal presence for driver’s license applicants and to improve service outlets for active military members, among other possibilities. I’d also like to re-establish a forum within AAMVA to discuss important motor carrier issues, in addition to CDLs.

I have long valued how AAMVA members work together to accomplish any goal, big or small. I am in awe of all we’ve achieved and am looking forward to an action-packed year of meaningful and measurable results.


Rick Holcomb

2015-2016 AAMVA Chair of the Board