December 2015

A letter from AAMVA's President & CEO

Anne Ferro Headshot

Over the past several months I’ve had the good fortune of listening to AAMVA jurisdiction members, associate members and stakeholders talk about innovations that are changing the way drivers interact with their vehicles and what they expect of their licenses. Those changes are testing the DMV and enforcement communities today, and will continue to do so in the future.

The changes range from virtual safety inspections and electronic credential checks for trucks and their drivers, to technology solutions that turn a mobile phone into a virtual key that can unlock the license/ID holder’s personal information and license status only to the extent the holder wants it released.

Automated and connected vehicles and platoons of connected trucks are making their presence known with real-life operations on public roads. And transportation network companies are swooping in on driverless cars, viewing them as a whole new way to serve their rapidly growing user base.

These innovations are mind-boggling and fast moving. We see that they hold out hope for preventing vehicle crashes, giving mobility to otherwise restricted drivers, improving our highway capacity and saving lives. Did our predecessors imagine these possibilities 100 years ago, when DMVs and highway patrols were being formed across North America to improve traffic safety in carriages and cars?

At AAMVA, we want to be sure you have an abundance of useful information and networking opportunities to help your team rise to meet the challenges these changes present. We want you to be able to exchange the newest ideas with your colleagues, to envision the future of safe transportation and embrace it. We want you to see what leading-edge ideas agencies have implemented, learn what has and has not worked, and test new solutions.

This issue of MOVE gives us a view into the progress. In it, you will see how AAMVA’s members are facilitating the integration of new ideas and groundbreaking products into their operating rules. Laws and systems designed to achieve safe vehicles, safe drivers and secure identities. Rules that some industry “disrupters” view as onerous or burdensome to their innovations instead of lifesaving.

Whether you are a public official or an associate member who serves public agencies, by engaging in these exchanges, you position yourself and empower your team to bring a “disrupter-like” view to the rules and processes you use, allowing your employees to challenge the status quo. Let unconventional ideas lead the discussion board, and recognize risk takers who propose to test new concepts or system changes that instill a nimble regulatory approach that supports new technologies within your mandates.

The recent meeting of AAMVA’s standing committees, whose members formulate policies, best practices and initiatives to help our members, illustrates that you are the change you envision. Our committees are made up of DMV and enforcement practitioners from agencies across the United States and Canada, and across disciplines. Sharing their views on today’s challenges and tomorrow’s visions, our committee members give witness to the innovation and collaboration that has been the hallmark of the AAMVA membership.

This truly is a community that embraces change while keeping our North Star—saving lives—always in view. 

Anne Ferro

AAMVA President and CEO