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april 2016


Chair of the AAMVA Board of Directors, Richard D. Holcomb, has kept up a very busy pace over the last few months. He’s been to meetings and conferences all across North America, including meeting with the International Registration Plan (IRP) in Burlington, Vermont; travelling to Ottawa for the CCMTA Board meeting; and heading a little closer to his home base in Virginia to meet up with the Region II Board in Louisville, Kentucky before flying out to Portland, Oregon to meet with the Region IV board. Then he travelled to San Antonio, Texas to meet with the rest of the AAMVA Board of Directors. “A lot of travel,” he says. “We worked on a lot of issues and are moving forward. I’ve been spending a lot of time with the different regions across the nation and just looking forward to continuing that.”

Looking ahead, Chair Holcomb has even more meetings on the horizon starting with the AAMVA Board meeting in April. “We are taking our board north of the border and we’re going to have our first Board meeting in Ottawa, Canada,” says Holcomb. “I’m excited about that. We’re working with our Canadian partners to really allow the Board to be immersed into Canadian history, Canadian government, Canadian process. I’m very excited about that.” After that, Chair Holcomb is looking forward to the Regional Conferences coming up over the summer months. He’ll be in Portland, Oregon for the Region IV Conference; Louisville, Kentucky for the Region II Conference; and Burlington, Vermont for the Region I Conference. He’ll also travel back to Canada for the CCMTA Annual Meeting, and then head back to his home jurisdictions, Virginia, to be at AAMVA Headquarters for the AAMVA Leadership Academy. “Very excited to be with that group. We’ve got some new jurisdictions that have sent folks because they heard how great the program is.”

The end of the summer will bring Chair Holcomb and many of AAMVA’s members and partners together in Virginia for AAMVA’s Annual International Conference, August 16-18th, in Williamsburg. “Williamsburg is a very special location. We plan to really show folks what Virginia is all about,” he says. “We’re excited - as we normally do there will be outstanding sessions, outstanding speakers and just a great opportunity to network and learn how you can do your job better when you go home.”

As he’s heading into the busy conference season, and the second half of his tenure as Chair of the AAMVA Board, Holcomb says he’s learned a lot. “There are difference regionally – but the neat thing is that everyone has the same commitment to customer service. Everyone has that same commitment to safety. So no matter where you go – whether it’s Ottawa, Canada or Portland, Oregon or Louisville, Kentucky, you’re going to find people whose first job every day is to make sure our citizens get taken care of.