partners in safety

May 2016


Anne Ferro Headshot

AAMVA strives to provide its members with the tools and information they need to build programs and processes that will help them achieve their highway safety goals. Through partnerships among the AAMVA jurisdictions and other like-minded organizations in the motor vehicle community, we’re on the road to achieving safer highways.

AAMVA recently launched a new resource for members: a new Web page featuring all of AAMVA’s partnerships for Highway Safety Outreach Services. I encourage you to check it out. You can obtain free safety content (PSAs, Web links, etc.) for your lobbies and driver Web pages. We are privileged to have strong working relationships with these great organizations that also strive to make our highways safer, and reduce highway fatalities and injuries. 

I want to encourage continued collaboration among AAMVA members, as we are able to accomplish more together. A great example of jurisdictions working together can be seen in the feature story about State-to-State (S2S). The pilot states have experienced great success already. As more and more jurisdictions sign on and begin to implement S2S, we will improve in our efforts to prevent fraudsters from committing identity theft, limit the risk of a high-risk driver slipping through the cracks by preventing multiple licenses, and improve homeland security and highway safety in general.

Another partnership I’m excited to announce is AAMVA’s recent collaboration with the National Safety Council and University of Iowa, creators of the MyCarDoesWhat campaign. Many people don’t know how to use potentially life-saving vehicle safety features, and this campaign is designed to educate citizens and increase awareness of new vehicle safety features that help prevent crashes, and reduce deaths and injuries.

I hope you’ll take advantage of these partnerships through AAMVA and join me on the road that will lead us to safe drivers, safe vehicles, secure identities and saving lives! 

Anne Ferro

AAMVA President and CEO