Power of Technology

August 2016

The next generation of AAMVA leaders is ready for the future

Anne Ferro Headshot

Service. Safety. Security. This maxim of the AAMVA community is constant, even as new technologies enhance customer expectations and agency capabilities so they can offer multiple service channels, approve driverless vehicles and enable unique data security through personalized DMV accounts. Here are these concepts in more detail:

Quality customer service is the lifeblood of the driver and motor vehicle agency. As the “front door” to public service, the agency is the first in-person experience a new resident or new driver has with his or her government. The impression people take away from this first encounter stays with them for years. A good experience will be mentioned to a few; a bad experience will be shared with many. Social media, including Twitter, Snapchat and WhatsApp, open new paths for those impressions to spread like wildfire, quickly influencing the views of others.

These same consumer technologies are giving agencies new platforms to serve customer expectations, enabling 24/7 service on personal devices and access to information from any location. User-friendly online self-service equates to fewer walk-in customers, allowing agencies to concentrate on the more complicated cases in person.

Safety, the touchstone of the AAMVA community, looms large when it comes to the changing expectations of drivers and motor vehicle regulators. The promise of crash-free, driverless cars has sparked numerous conferences, major public and private sector investments, and has made the case for extensive interagency collaboration. The lifesaving promise of driverless cars fuels these developments.

Our AAMVA community is well-represented in this discussion, most recently by leaders of our board, who held an Autonomous/Connected Vehicle Roundtable with the board of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). The common refrain: Driverless cars will have a dramatic impact on reducing crashes and saving lives. The challenge: how to uphold safety mandates and support change through the years it may take to transition.

And security. The discussion about driver and vehicle records has transformed over time from one of controlling the release of personal data, to preventing hacking and fraud, to managing retention. All three are key components of putting DMV record data in an individual’s hands, with access granted to and the content controlled by the person of record—and him or her alone.

The promises of personalized technology platforms, government services in the palm of a hand and artificial intelligence as the new vehicle operator are changing the face of the DMV. And so is the next generation of agency leaders, who just completed AAMVA’s 2016 Leadership Academy. AAMVA’s Board of Directors prioritizes helping AAMVA members prepare for the future by offering a Leadership Academy for our rising collaborators, innovators and motivators. These Academy graduates are igniting an exciting future for service, safety and security in the AAMVA community.

Anne Ferro

AAMVA President and CEO