End of my Ride

August 2016

It’s been a great year—the busiest of my life, but certainly one of the most meaningful.


While I can’t tell you the number of miles logged or, without checking my calendar, the number of places I visited, I can say without hesitation that I’ll never forget the kindness you extended on my journeys and the outstanding impression left upon me by the AAMVA community, AAMVA staff and our fearless leader, Anne Ferro.

I am a strong supporter of the CASE approach—Copy And Steal Everything. And, while I say that in jest, I think you’ll notice many innovative ideas from your states making their way to Virginia in the coming year. This is the true benefit of our AAMVA membership: We bring all of the best and brightest from North America’s motor vehicle agencies together, and magic happens.

We owe it to our customers and taxpayers to run our agencies with the highest level of efficiency. What better way to do that than by taking the best ideas and lessons learned from counterparts across the United States and Canada and putting them to work in your jurisdiction?

I hope that, as I pass the torch to California’s incredibly talented Jean Shiomoto, I leave behind a small mark on the organization. I had big shoes to fill, taking over from the astute leadership of Iowa’s Mark Lowe, but, with your help, we accomplished a lot this year. From creating a seat on the board for a Canadian colleague, to drilling down on the financial steering committee, to giving AAMVA staff a behind-the-scenes look at all things DMV, we’ve made this association a little better than when we started last August. And I have no doubt Jean will do the same during her tenure.

So, Jean, welcome to the head of the table. Enjoy the ride!

Rick Holcomb

2015–2016 AAMVA Chair of the Board