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December 2016

working as a team to Tackle Tomorrow's Challenges


As our members face the challenges of the 21st century, AAMVA is depending on the tried and true concept of teamwork as the Association’s key strategy to achieve long-term goals.

This opening sentence from the leadership letter in the Winter 1996 issue of MOVE, written by 1996–1997 AAMVA Chair of the Board Fred Porter and then-AAMVA President & CEO John Strandquist, still rings true today.

Two decades later, as MOVE celebrates its 20th anniversary, working together with the jurisdictions, the federal government and industry partners is still critical to the success of AAMVA and the motor vehicle and law enforcement communities at large. Collaboration on pressing and emerging topics—such as autonomous vehicles, electronic identity (eID), online insurance verification, motor carrier issues, mobile driver’s licenses (mDLs), human trafficking and drugged driving—will allow us to determine the best solutions to keep our citizens safe and make their lives easier. Teamwork also helps us live out our AAMVA vision of safe drivers, safe vehicles, secure identities and saving lives!

As a leading voice in the motor vehicle community, AAMVA strives to maintain strong links between our membership, federal and state governments and business partners. We seek to find mutually beneficial solutions to the evolving challenges brought on by technological innovations, legislative mandates and the advent of the new transportation age.

This is another sentiment from the 1996 letter by Porter and Strandquist that remains the same in 2016.

While many principles and ideas—such as partnerships and teamwork—have remained constant in the motor vehicle community, there has been much growth and change over these past 20 years, too. In this special anniversary issue of MOVE, you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on where things were then and where we are now with topics like online customer service, DMV information systems, the National Motor Vehicle Titling Information System (NMVTIS) and identity management. I have enjoyed witnessing these changes, and I look forward to what the next 20 years will bring! 

Anne Ferro

AAMVA President and CEO