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March 2017

AAMVA’s 2017 business plan focuses on making connections


AAMVA’s vision—Safe Drivers. Safe Vehicles. Secure Identities. Saving Lives!—begins and ends with people. For AAMVA’s staff, that translates into helping our members fulfill their missions and goals to serve the residents of their jurisdictions. This vision is grounded in AAMVA’s Strategic Framework of member-driven solutions that support our members’ evolving business needs.

In this and future CEO updates in MOVE magazine, I will highlight key elements of AAMVA’s 2017 business plan, shaped by three priorities in our Strategic Framework:

  • Culture of excellence
  • Secure and reliable technology
  • Financial integrity

The rapidly evolving world of driver and motor vehicle safety and credentialing places demands on our member jurisdictions that are exciting and groundbreaking. It means those on the leading edge are blazing a trail from which others can learn. That is why the ability to connect our members through conferences, committees, working groups and publications (online and printed) is at AAMVA’s core. Through these traditional platforms, members collaborate on best practices, resource guides and model legislation, and share lessons learned. Making sure AAMVA is delivering optimal conferences, workshops and meetings is top on our list of 2017 priorities. We encourage you to attend our Workshop and Law Institute, to be held March 15–16 in Minneapolis, to experience this quality firsthand.

AAMVA also plays a critical role in connecting our jurisdiction members in a less traditional way—through our information technology (IT) infrastructure. Another area of focus in our 2017 business plan is to make sure our IT infrastructure continues to support the AAMVA network upon which our members rely. In FY 2016, our IT team achieved a 99.9 percent application availability time. We want to make sure this great performance continues well into the future. Thus, AAMVA’s Board of Directors approved an IT Strategic Roadmap (ITSR) project to ensure AAMVA makes the best use of new technologies to maintain our high-performing, secure and reliable network. The project will receive insight and guidance from a board-appointed ITSR Steering Committee.

With the 2016 holiday season in my rearview mirror, I am looking forward to a great year at AAMVA—a year filled with member-focused activities designed to connect you to other members and to the latest issues, resources and best practices that matter to your business.

In this Winter 2017 issue of MOVE magazine, you’ll learn about how automated vehicles are becoming part of the AAMVA landscape and the promise this lifesaving technology offers. And while we plan for a future of driverless vehicles, the driver is still at the heart of roadway safety. You’ll also read about the challenges legalized recreational marijuana and drugged driving present, and how our enforcement colleagues and others are managing them. 

Anne Ferro

AAMVA President and CEO