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March 2017

A recap of key takeaways from AAMVA’s Winter Board Meeting

Jean Shiomoto

Happy New Year to everyone! It was great to convene the AAMVA Winter Board Meeting in Orlando, Florida, in January. I provided the Chair’s update on my travels—from the AAMVA Standing Committee meetings in Reston, Virginia, to attending the CCMTA Board Meeting in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, to attending the Region II planning meeting in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the Region IV planning meeting in Seattle. We also heard from AAMVA CEO Anne Ferro on her travels while representing AAMVA at various engagements these past few months.

We covered a great deal of business at the Winter Board Meeting, but one activity stood out for me. I want to share with you the ‘futures’ discussion the Board participated in, led by a facilitator to keep us on track. First off, we had homework coming in to the activity: reading materials on Driving the Future: Understanding the New Automotive Consumer; Five Megatrends and Possible Implications; and the Sharing Economy. The facilitator had us start by drawing a picture of our first car with the make, model, color and year. There were many interesting drawings, but we all need to keep our day jobs as none of us are ‘Picasso’ artists! Then we shared what the car meant to us and what it did for us. This brought back many interesting memories. And then you fast-forward to the car you own today, and you can’t help but think about how cars are changing and that transportation is evolving, too.

Another exercise called ‘visual exploration’ had the Board of Directors walk around and look at 50 photos, which varied in scenes and had no particular meaning except to stimulate one’s imagination! The board members were to find two photos that spoke to them or helped express their thoughts and feelings about the future of their organizations. We heard amazing reflections on how the photos depicted the future for our respective organizations. One description that stood out vividly to me was one board member’s reflection of what a basket of red tomatoes meant. The board member shared that the basket of red tomatoes showed an organization ripe for change. When people say a picture is worth a thousand words, how apropos, as each board member expressed his or her views of the future from a theoretical perspective.

The feedback I received from the board members was that the required reading was very stimulating, and the discussions we had on the ‘future’ were discussions that many said they were going to continue with their management teams back in their own jurisdictions.

As we tend to the daily operations of our organizations or businesses, we all need to think about the future, too. We are seeing many partnerships in the motor vehicle world—with stakeholders and between automotive and technology brands—from which consumers will benefit. What are the current industry trends, and what is the future market for transportation services? How will they affect our organizations and businesses? Let’s start the discussion now! 

Jean Shiomoto

2016–2017 AAMVA Chair of the Board