May 2017

The AAMVA community makes the world a better place, one act of generosity at a time


This spring issue of MOVE magazine offers a glimpse into some of the ways our members are improving the world around us, one person, one shovel, one can, one box, one smile at a time. Recently, an AAMVA colleague reported on a connection he helped make that will educate DMV customers on human trafficking—the reality that it is happening in public places, and there are steps a person can take to detect and stop it. The introduction he made was between a nonprofit organization that fights human trafficking through messaging, training and intervention, and an AAMVA associate member that offers dynamic digital sign services in DMV lobbies. The hope is that through awareness, an employee or DMV customer may observe and report suspicious activity based on the information they receive passively, in the lobby. In other words, a little awareness can go a long way in ending the horrors of human trafficking by helping one person at a time. 

It’s much like “paying it forward.” One person makes a connection, and the receiver rises to the opportunity to help and in turn passes along the goodwill and assistance to someone else in need or in search of a solution. This truth is on display throughout the AAMVA community. AAMVA’s members are among the most generous people I’ve ever worked with.

It should come as no surprise to learn that AAMVA’s employees are generous, too. They are energized when they connect with members and build member connections. Invariably, the connections improve the safety, service and security of our customers. At AAMVA we are fortunate to have an Employee Activity Committee. These employees make sure the rest of us do good—participating in annual food drives, collecting and delivering school supplies and backpacks, or holding fundraisers to contribute to a local orphanage. Employees are also ready to contribute time and money to their coworkers’ good causes, such as raising awareness (and funds) for juvenile diabetes, breast cancer research and the recovery effort for a community devastated by a natural disaster. This kind of generosity happens regularly and is a wonderful reflection on AAMVA.

Take a minute while you consider this column to reflect on something you have received—an act of kindness or unexpected boost that helped you in your life—and find a way to pass it on. It does not need to be big or noticed. In fact, many of us find this quote from Mother Theresa inspiring, as well as a reality check: “In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.”

Giving takes many forms: taking the time to connect others, offering yourself or your resources, sharing a thought. It’s a perpetual motion machine. Once you jump-start it with action, the good keeps rolling. You may not realize what an impact you have. And that’s OK; you do it for the chance to make the world a better place. Paying it forward makes a difference. 

Anne Ferro

AAMVA President and CEO