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August 2017

Reflecting Back on my year as chair

Being the chair of AAMVA has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had. As I reflect back on my year, I find myself remembering the people—jurisdictional administrators and representatives, law enforcement, the vendor community, trade organization representatives, the AAMVA staff and my own staff—who have made this year so fulfilling. I think about my insightful colleagues and our enthusiastic vendor community who support AAMVA’s core mission of safe drivers, safe vehicles, secure identities and saving lives. As I’ve attended the conferences and events and met with other organizations, you all have inspired me with your knowledge, ideas and visions for the future.

Last August at AAMVA’s Annual International Conference (AIC) in Williamsburg, Virginia, I spoke about preparing for what the future holds and envisioning what that will be for your organization. It has been exciting to see the discussion continuing at the AAMVA Regional conferences and at our sister organizations. How we embrace new technology will determine how we continue to deliver superior customer service. As I close out my year as chair at the AIC in San Francisco, I know that together as we move toward autonomous vehicles and mobile driver’s licenses, we will make a difference!

I also know that incoming Chair Kurt Myers of Pennsylvania has visions of the future, too, and he has embraced new ways of doing business. For example, his jurisdiction of Pennsylvania has eliminated the issuance of stickers for license plates and saved money. Additionally, as Kurt has shared, citizens can renew their car registrations online and print the registration card from the comfort of their own homes.

I welcome the very insightful Kurt Myers as 2017–2018 AAMVA chair. I know that AAMVA will continue to be in good hands. And, when you congratulate Kurt, give him a big hug!

Jean Shiomoto

2016–2017 AAMVA Chair of the Board