January 2018

Holding DMV employees to a higher customer experience standard

In our collective jurisdictions, we complete millions of transactions every day. Our customers rely on us to perform these transactions accurately and efficiently—that is at the center of our business. But what if, by simply doing what we do, we can make a difference in other ways?

We live in a fast-paced world, and we are in a people- focused business. Every piece of paper we handle represents more than just a transaction—it represents a person. Each of our employees may perform hundreds of transactions in a day, but each transaction is connected to a person. Each of these individuals, whether they are working through a suspension or medical recall, or simply renewing a driver’s license or vehicle registration, deserves our respect and empathy. We expect to be treated with respect, integrity and honesty at the local appliance, grocery or club store we frequent, and our customers have the same expectation at the DMV.

We can choose where to shop for most products. But our DMV customers have little choice if they have a negative customer experience. As DMV professionals, we must never allow ourselves to become complacent. We have an incredible responsibility, and we must hold ourselves to a higher standard and ensure the best possible customer experience.

As DMV professionals, we know that “what we do” is more than simply registering vehicles and licensing drivers. We are positively affecting the lives of customers in our jurisdiction and beyond, making a difference one transaction at a time.


Kurt Myers

2017–2018 AAMVA Chair of the Board