Mike Robertson

June 2012

Mark your calendar for AAMVA's Annual International Convention in Charlotte August 20-22, 2012.

It's good to be looking forward to warmer weather and AAMVA's Annual International Convention at the Uptown Charlotte Westin Hotel. I hope you have circled August 20–22, 2012, on your calendar and you have "Mapquested" or "Google-mapped" your way to Charlotte, N.C.

We need these annual get-togethers to keep up with all that is new and changing in our fields. Just remember, it wasn't that long ago that "mapping" had nothing to do with either genomes or Google!

Today, we need all the technology we can get to stay ahead of identity thieves and terrorists. What's more, we need the right technologies that will help us create licenses and ID cards that are tamper-proof, titles that protect against fictitious duplication and recordkeeping that is second-to-none.

This is why working together and sharing our expertise—as well as our successes and failures—is one of the best ways we can plan for a safer future.

I invite you to join the many experts we'll bring to Charlotte to see what's in store for tomorrow's licensing, registering and titling. We intend to learn a great deal from each other and have a fine time doing it in North Carolina.

I look forward to seeing you in August!

Mike Robertson

Chair of the Board

Watch our Welcome to Charlotte video