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February 2014

What's the most unique vehicle you've seen come through your jurisdiction for registration?


Rebecca L. Reynolds Bolden
Customer Service Manager, West Eugene/Junction City DMV, Oregon Department of Transportation

We had a Ford F-450 that extended the cab of the truck, creating a compartment with a door. It still had a flatbed to haul, but inside the compartment housed his Mini Cooper. Imagine that.

Craig Flynn
Title and Registration Manager, Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services

The most unique vehicle request I recall is someone put wheels, an engine and running gear, lights, seats, etc. on a large (30 feet long) garbage dumpster. They wanted to title it and register it for use on public streets and highways. We were forced to decline the request.

Robert Ide
Commissioner, Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles

A gentleman appeared at our main office one day asking to register his lawn mower. He had been ticketed by the local police for operation on the highway. He was endeavoring to drive his lawn mower across the country; he started in Maine and had successfully traveled across Maine, New Hampshire and was in hopes to pass through Vermont. We were unable to register the lawn mower for on-road travel, so he pushed his lawn mower into the parking lot. The next morning he and the mower were nowhere to be seen and were never heard from again.

Deb Hillmer
Compliance, Audit and Fraud Unit Supervisor, DMV Administrators Office, Wisconsin DOT


The frame number was stamped on the side of this boat on wheels.

Amy Smith
Vehicle Services Manager, Idaho Transportation Department, Division of Motor Vehicles

As I’m sure most states have experienced, we have had some pretty unique vehicles come through­­—most of which are specially constructed by the owner trying to title and register [the vehicle]. Some are definitely more memorable than others. We thought it would be fun to show them, because pictures are worth 1,000 words. Please note that these have been titled (having been certified by the owner to meet federal safety standards, or in the case of the boat/ATV, the vehicle was not required to meet federal safety standards to be titled).


Everyone needs a “pair” of these.


For the avid hunter, here is a must have: a boat on wheels that serves as an ATV trailer on land, and is a boat powered by the ATV on water for those hard to get to hunting spots.