January 2013

Fraudulent document recognition is now fraud detection and remediation

“Fraud is a part of our world, as unfortunate as that is,” says AAMVA’s Patrice Aasmo. Fortunately, AAMVA provides a valuable resource to our members to help combat fraud at the DMV – our Fraud Detection and Remediation (FDR) Training, formerly known as Fraudulent Document Recognition. “The entire product set which started as courseware designed specifically for Fraudulent Document Recognition has really grown to so much more,” says Aasmo. “The whole FDR program – and we’re keeping that acronym because it’s well known to the membership – the entire program has expanded beyond examination of the document.”

AAMVA is continually working to improve and update the FDR training material in order to best meet our members’ needs. The updated 2013 FDR courseware package is perhaps the most substantial release to date. “The new updates and enhancements for 2013 are really extensive. We’ve got quite a few critical document updates that are available in all the modules,” says Aasmo. Included in this year’s update are:

  • NEW Indexed, searchable, and comprehensive job aid for print or electronic use
  • NEW Jurisdiction Document Authenticity Contact List
  • NEW Mexican Documents Module
  • NEW Internal Fraud for Managers Supplement
  • NEW Level II Law Enforcement Supplement
  • NEW Choice of preset pass/fail scores for Learning Management System users
  • NEW Genuine Document Reference Databases
  • Critical Document Updates
  • 2013 Update Only Module for refresher training


“FDR has had a long history with our membership,” says Aasmo. “Within the last five years when we reengineered the training and made it more flexible and more usable for the members - and kept it updated - this has allowed our members to really implement it within their own training strategies. What that has created for us is the most highly-used product or service that we have today for our members that’s not in a mandated format.” The training is so highly used, in fact, that 97% of AAMVA jurisdictions downloaded the training last year, and within 24 hours of this year’s release, 22 jurisdictions had already accessed the training. “I hope that our members use FDR training in the ways that best suit their training needs,” says Aasmo. “I think that protecting the integrity of the documents that they issue is key to them.”

The training, says Aasmo, can benefit many people throughout the AAMVA community. “Frontline staff can benefit from learning how to touch and feel and look at documents in a more generic level. The Level II training is good for managers and law enforcement and second level supervisors to get a better feel for how to look at documents that have may have been identified as looking somewhat suspicious. The training is not designed to make forensic experts out of anyone, however, we do hope that members get a lot out of the very rich content that has been built by the members for the members.”

“Understanding how to look at a document and how to recognize if something looks suspicious is really key to being able to try to issue documents to the right people with the right credentials so that we’re battling back against the ever growing threat of fraud in our world today.”