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MAY 2013

meeting the aamva standard for driver license & identification

AAMVA's free Courtesy Verification Program (CVP) provides an effective way for AAMVA members to determine if their driver's licenses and identification (DL/ID) cards and other motor vehicle administration documents using machine readable technologies conform to the applicable AAMVA standards and specifications. "It's an awesome tool that either driver's license administrators or DMVs can utilize that's basically a double check to make sure that everything they wanted in their driver's license is compliant with the AAMVA standard," says Scott Vien with the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles, just one of AAMVA's member jurisdictions to take advantage of the free service. Through an arrangement with Intellicheck Mobilisa, CVP determines how closely a juridiction's documents meet the AAMVA standard, and just as compliance with these standards and specifications is voluntary, participation in the CVP is also voluntary.

"What's great about it is it's an independent laboratory that's checking and making sure that your card meets the AAMVA standard and what you ask for from your vendor is actually being upheld," says Vien. "They provide you with a report and it lays out everything very clearly. Each part of the standard this card pertains to – whether it meets it or it doesn't, and you also have the option to go through AAMVA and ask them questions if you need clarification or what have you. It's proven very beneficial for us."

A primary objective of the CVP is improving the consistency of implementation across all jurisdictions choosing to follow the AAMVA standard and specifications. Information gained from the testing of jurisdictions' DL/ID cards and other documents is not only used by jurisdictions to improve their issuance systems but is also used by AAMVA to make improvements to the standards and specifications it publishes.

AAMVA recommends that its members consider submitting DL/ID cards and other documents for CVP, especially when introducing a new configuration or design for the document. That's exactly what Delaware DMV did when they unveiled a new license.

"We sent in a sample of every single driver's license and ID document that we issue. Luckily we got a great report, but it did reveal some very minimal differences between the card and what's in the AAMVA standard. Something simple - down to dashes instead of slashes - but it also revealed that there's some unrecognizable data in our barcode that we need to look into a little further that the CVP verifiers were not able to determine what was in there, so we need to work with our vendor to find out what is this data and what is its purpose why is it in there – something we wouldn't have been able to find out without the CVP."

"We're very clear whatever is on the front of the license is in the barcode, nothing more nothing less, so we want to make sure we are upholding that standard."

The process for submitting documents is fairly simple. The necessary forms and instructions are contained in the CVP application form. For more information, contact Geoff Slagle, AAMVA Director, Identity Management at (703) 342-7459